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The National Committee on Human Rights Education (AUSTRALIA)

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Human rights education is critical to maintaining and fostering a tolerant, just, equitable and democratic society. Recognising the importance of human rights education in Australia and the currently existing gaps in its delivery and coordination, a number of Australians with the support and encouragement of government agencies, business and community organisations have established a National Committee on Human Rights Education. Fundamental to the work of the Committee will be defining and re-examining human rights education in Australia and ensuring our community draws the greatest possible benefit from it. At the heart of human rights education is promotion of values and access to knowledge that can be summed up in the Australian ethos of Ďa fair go for allí.

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Remember Human Rights Day is on December 10 ! Why is Human Rights day on December 10 each year? To commemorate the date of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

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